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Week 3

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Week 3

This is the investigative journal of Detective Fransblow. I only have three house guests left to interview, but I believe the case is starting to take shape. Forensics provided me with some other useful crime scene clues, which are documented below. I just need to check up on a few loose ends and hear what the last person who saw him alive and the first person who saw him dead have to say. One note, the only people at the party who were wearing gloves are Sam G, who needed them for his magic tricks, and Tracy, who was trying to appear fashionable. Jaime carried around a handkerchief in his breast pocket. The trail is hot, the end is near.


Crime Scene Clues


-Strands of hair found in the room that are dark brown and do not belong to the victim- too few strands to offer a positive identification of their owner

Forensics also returned no fingerprints from the handle of the knife.


I have conducted interviews with the remaining 3 suspects (Arev, Alex and Jaime). No more suspects left to interview. 


evidence photos

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