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Week 2

This is the investigative journal of Detective Fransblow. I have interviewed three more suspects this week and am beginning to gain a better understanding of how this tragic night unfolded. However, I still have three more guests to interview and a plethora of questions that remain unanswered. One thing I did note is that only Sam H, Adhi, Alex, and Furkan are wearing shoes at the party. Also, Sam H and Arev are left-handed.


Crime Scene Clues


-Partial shoe print found at the scene of the crime, not enough to determine shoe size but enough to see that the killer was wearing shoes and not heels or sandals

Shoe print_edited.png

-Stab wounds are indicative of right AND left handed slashes

andrew jon snow.jpg

-Fine alcohol found in the desk drawer in the Study



I have conducted interviews with 3 more suspects (Furkan, Zosia and Adhi) and updated their profile (see suspect list menu). I will finish the remainder of the list next week.


evidence photos

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