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The Big Reveal

“Ladies and gentlemen, please gather around the Ballroom if you would be so kind!” Detective Fransblow bellowed out to the rest of the house guests.

The party patrons gathered close by and waited in anticipation for the Detective to enlighten them.

“I have interviewed each and every one of you and cross referenced everything you had to say. I know who the killer is and am giving them one last chance here and now to step forward.”


Detective Fransblow peered into the crowd, which remained utterly still.


“Very well then, but before I start, let me just say that I am actually somewhat amazed at our late host’s social skills. He managed to disparage and anger every single guest in this house in a matter of minutes. It’s quite impressive if you think about it. Based on what I heard from all of you, nobody here actually liked the victim personally.”


The party guests sheepishly looked at one another, shrugged, then nodded their heads in agreement.


The Detective continued, “That mutual hatred for the host made it quite difficult to pinpoint the murderer, however, after a thorough investigation, I was able to do so. It seems that some of you are quite the fibbers. Three of you, to be exact. But before I go there, let’s exonerate some of the guests who have verifiable alibis.”

“Adhi,” Detective Fransblow looked at the guest and proceeded, “you claim that you were speaking with Tracy in this very room between 9:20 and 9:35. Tracy confirmed this when I spoke with her. You then claim you were reading Protect and Serve in the Library while drinking a White Claw at 9:35, which Jaime verified when I spoke with him.Tracy then claims she saw you leaving the Library and running upstairs at 9:45, when you heard the sound of Jaime’s screams. Jaime went upstairs after he left you and did not see you up there after walking past several rooms, nor do any of the other guests claim to have seen you walking around the house between 9:35 and 9:45. Most of the physical evidence in the room also doesn’t point to you- specifically the shoe print and the hair strands. So we can clear your name from the accused.”

Adhi gave a sigh of relief, “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws, baby.”

“Similarly,” Detective Fransblow restarted, “Tracy can be exonerated. She was speaking with Adhi right here between 9:20 and 9:35, before she entered the Dining Room to grab a snack. When Jaime screamed bloody murder at 9:45, she ran upstairs to join everyone in the Study. Adhi saw her leaving the Dining Room and nobody claims she was anywhere else. The physical evidence of the crime scene also doesn’t point to her. So she is excused.”


Tracy nodded her head eagerly in approval, “That screenplay was still trash though.”


“Next up we have Alex, who claims she was reading The Sun Never Sets on Hollywood in the Library at 9:20. Jaime also entered the Library around this time and can confirm her presence. Alex then claims to have gone into the downstairs bathroom to practice her accent between 9:25 and the time of the murder. Arev also tried to use this bathroom at 9:25 but was unable to do so because it was occupied by someone who was seemingly talking to themselves. I believe it’s safe to assume that that person was Alex and she was practicing her accent. Nobody claims to have ever seen Alex upstairs or wandering around the house at any time between 9:25 and 9:45. Her pink hair is also unlikely to be mistaken for the dark brown hair found at the scene of the crime. We can check off Alex’s name from the suspect list.”


“Merci beaucoup,” Alex responded.


“Arjun’s story is also verifiable as he did not move around the house much. He claims to have been trading barbs with Furkan in the Kitchen between 9:20 and 9:30, when Furkan left. Furkan corroborates this. Arjun then claims he stayed in the Kitchen to smoke his vape from 9:30 until Jaime’s screams sent him running upstairs at 9:45. Arev claims she also saw Arjun in the kitchen at this time. Nobody refutes this and nobody claims to have seen Arjun upstairs or moving around the house between 9:30 and 9:45. This combined with the physical crime scene evidence not pointing in his direction is enough for me to conclude that Arjun is not the murderer.”

“Silver lining, I don’t have to listen to another GTL pitch ever again,” Arjun said to the crowd.


“Speaking of Arev, we can safely say she too is not the murderer,” Detective Fransblow stated. “Arev was the last person to see Andrew alive and claims to have gone to the downstairs bathroom immediately after talking with him at 9:25, but the bathroom was occupied by Alex, as we’ve already discussed. She then proceeded downstairs to the Cellar to be by herself for a moment, but the Cellar door was locked. She heard the sound of a lighter flickering on within the Cellar and knocked on the door. Her knock was not answered. This in itself is interesting, because nobody I interviewed claimed to be in the Cellar, but we’ll get back to that later. Anyways, Arev continued back upstairs to the Kitchen, where she was ready to get vaped out of her mind with Arjun before they were so rudely interrupted by Jaime’s high-pitched screams. Her story checks out and her hair is way too light colored to be confused with the brown hair sample in the room. It’s also unlikely that she would be able to barrel through a locked wooden door. Arev is cleared from the list.”


“I could have plowed through that door,” Arev muttered under her breath.

“These five were easy to cross off the list because none of them ever went upstairs near the Study and nobody else claimed to have seen them in an upstairs room.” Detective Fransblow caught his breath. “That leaves us with just Sam H, Sam G, Zosia, Furkan, and Jaime.”


“Jaime seems suspicious because he was looking for a drink to take with him after being kicked out of the house, and the Study just so happens to include a great stash of ‘high class’ alcohol. Jaime could have been trying to break into the room to steal this liquor before hitting the road for good, not knowing that Andrew was in there at the time. He was stunned to see the host in the room and, still angry about being yelled at and kicked out of the house, drove the dagger into Andrew’s chest, wiping off his prints with the handkerchief he carried in his breast pocket. He could have barrelled down the door and his hair color matches the sample found at the scene of the crime.”


Jaime’s eyes shifted from side to side as he began to perspire.


“Instead of running, he decided to act like an innocent bystander and screamed his lungs out to alert the rest of the house.” Detective Fransblow paused. “But this isn’t what happened. For one, Jaime’s entire testimony about being downstairs and his journey upstairs between 9:20 and 9:30 checks out. He also claims to have heard sobbing in the upstairs bathroom around 9:45, which Sam H also confirmed. I went in to the Conservatory myself and the room still smells like it had been vaped in very recently. This along with the fact that Jaime couldn’t possibly have obtained the murder weapon is enough for me to exonerate him.”


“Now I really need a drink,” Jaime answered, “seeing as that our beloved host is no longer in need of his liquor collection…”


Detective Fransblow carried on as if he had not heard this request, “This leads me to believe that everything Jaime claimed should be taken as fact, and that leaves us with just the two Sams, Zosia, and Furkan. And coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, all four of these suspects had access to the murder weapon. You see, some of you claim the last time the murder weapon was seen was on Thursday afternoon for Alex’s birthday party. But these TLC members know better. Sam H was, somewhat disgustingly, using his knife to shave himself at a last minute Friday morning TLC meeting. All of these suspects were present as Sam G stopped by to ask Homepage App tracking questions.”


Detective Fransblow stared down Sam G, “And here, ladies and gentlemen, we encounter our first liar.”


Sam G looked at the floor in humiliation.


Detective Fransblow continued, “Sam G claims to have been practicing card tricks by himself in the Conservatory between 9:15 and when he heard Jaime screaming at 9:45. This intuitively makes sense since several house guests verified that Sam G was embarrassed earlier in the night by Andrew when he solved all of Sam’s ‘magic tricks’. According to several witnesses, Sam G was very upset by all this. But according to Jaime’s testimony, he himself was in the Conservatory smoking a vape at 9:35 and the room was empty. So if Sam G wasn’t practicing his magic tricks in the Conservatory, then where was he? Well, as it turns out, he wasn’t too far away. Many guests claim to have seen Sam G running upstairs after he was called out by Andrew, and this did in fact happen. Sam H and Jaime also both claim to have heard sobbing in the upstairs bathroom, which is located right next to the Study where Andrew was murdered. Finally, Jaime claims that Sam G was the first one to reach the crime scene and that his eyes were red. Well put two and two together, Sam G was crying in the upstairs bathroom the entire time!”


Sam G continued to stare at the ground, “Gaffers are people too.”


“Which brings us to our second liar of the night, Furkan!” Furkan began twitching and scratching his wrists.

“Furkan claims to have been insulting Arjun in the Kitchen between 9:20 and 9:30, that much is true and has been verified by Arjun himself. However, then Furkan claims to have gone into the downstairs bathroom, where he remained until Jaime’s screams echoed through the house. But we’ve already established that Alex was in the downstairs bathroom between 9:25 until she herself was alerted by the screams. So how, then, was Furkan in the downstairs bathroom at this time? The answer is simple, he wasn’t. I tried to pinpoint where Furkan actually was, when Arev’s final testimony gave me the answer. She claims she tried to enter the Cellar but the door was locked and somebody was inside. Well that somebody was Furkan! She also claims to have heard the sound of a lighter flickering. I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s pretty clear from several testimonies that Furkan seemed to be on edge tonight, scratching his wrists and what not. Adhi also alerted me to the fact that Furkan took his role as a murderer in Andrew’s film very seriously. Sam G claims to have seen Furkan frequenting Macy’s with gloves on while staring at mannequins. Well I took the liberty of checking out the Cellar myself and it was not a pretty sight.

“Oh God, please no,” Furkan pleaded.


“In it were a spoon, a lighter, and cut up pieces of a mannequin. It seems Furkan’s method acting on set carried on after filming ended. He developed a bad drug problem and went to the Cellar to calm his nerves by shooting up some crack cocaine and cutting some plastic. He would steal mannequins from Macy’s to cut up himself and stay in character, the habit stuck with him. This is why, according to Alex, Furkan was five minutes late to the Study and breathing heavily while everyone else was already gathered there. He had to run up two flights of stairs from the Cellar to get there! He was also high as a kite and, more than likely, did not hear Jaime’s screams from two stories above. So although Furkan has some serious personal issues to work through, he did not murder Andrew.”

The rest of the group stared at Furkan, completely repulsed.


“They were just mannequins!” Furkan tried to defend himself.


“And then there were two: Sam H and Zosia.” Detective Fransblow began to wrap up. “One of you is a liar and a murderer.”


The two looked at each other, bug eyed.


“The answer seemed so simple the first time I looked through my investigative notes. Every piece of physical evidence points to Sam H. His hair matches the color of the strands found at the crime scene, he would have been able to knock the door down, he had access to the murder weapon whenever he wanted, and he was wearing crossfit shoes that could match the shoe print found in the room. He also doesn’t have a verifiable alibi. Jaime claims to have seen Sam H walking upstairs and then turning left at the top of the staircase, which could either lead to the upstairs bathroom, where Sam G was crying his eyes out, the Billiard Room, where Sam H claims to have been, or the Study, where Andrew was murdered. Jaime didn’t actually see which room Sam H entered, so he theoretically could have gone into the Study to murder Andrew immediately after Jaime took a right. He had more than enough motive to commit the crime, behind the floral t-shirts betrayal and mentor disrespect. To make matters worse, Zosia claims that Sam was sweating when he reached the Study, which he very well could have been had he just done the deed and exerted that kind of energy to break a door down and commit murder. It all seemed to fit so effortlessly, a little too effortlessly.”

Detective Fransblow continued, “I looked back at my notes and saw that Sam H also claims that Zosia was sweating when she arrived at the Study with the rest of the group. That struck me as odd that both party guests would describe each other in that manner. Then I looked at the floor plan and realized there was one remaining room where nobody claimed to have been: the Balcony! It was such a scorching hot night that nobody would dare step onto the Balcony, and if one did so, they would surely be sweating upon re-entry. However, this also gave someone a perfect place to prepare for a murder, knowing that nobody else had any desire to ever step foot in that room. So I decided to check out the Balcony, where I found a pair of crossfit gloves lying behind a potted plant. The gloves are large and undoubtedly belong to Sam H. This is what he used to carry the blade and ensure no fingerprints would be found. It was an open and shut case, I was ready to arrest Sam H on the spot when I heard something that contradicted my initial theory.”


Detective Fransblow looked back towards Jaime, “ During my last interview, I hit one final snag. Jaime claims he entered the Bedroom at 9:30 looking for drinks but found no drinks or people in the room. This directly refutes  Zosia’s claim that she had been in the Bedroom between 9:30 and 9:45, talking to her fiance about the well-being of her dog, Brisket. Jaime is unlikely to have missed that.”

Detective Fransblow averted his attention back to Zosia.

“It then occurred to me that all the physical evidence pointing to Sam H also points to Zosia. The hair color, which I will elaborate more on later, the physical strength from crossfit to bust the door down, access to Sam’s knife at the Friday morning TLC meeting, everything except the shoe print and gloves. But then that got me thinking, most of the circumstantial evidence fingering Sam H was also supplied by Zosia. She claims he was sweating when he reached the Study and that he was angry at Andrew from earlier in the day. She also claimed that the last time she saw Sam’s knife was at Alex’s birthday party, an unusual claim seeing as that she was at the Friday morning TLC meeting with Sam H when he used the knife to shave. She would be unlikely to forget that. But she knew Sam H was the one who had possession of the knife after Alex’s party, so that’s what she claimed, and she was refuted by Furkan, Sam H, and Arjun. She also asked Sam H to play pool with her in the Billiards Room at 9:30. This room is in the top corner of the house and unlikely to be stumbled upon by passerbys, which it wasn’t. Zosia banked on Sam H staying in that room while she committed the murder, meaning Sam H would have no witnesses in his defense! And to make matters worse, Sam H was only at the party in the first place because Zosia invited him. This got me thinking that all the physical evidence in the Study was planted by Zosia in an effort to incriminate Sam H! Even the hair strands seemed suspicious. There are entirely too many brown hairs found in the Study, especially considering there were no signs of a struggle. The hair was unlikely to have been ripped from the killer’s head. So how then, did this hair get on the floor? Simple, Zosia collected some of Sam’s shaved beard hair from the TLC meeting and placed it in the Study!”

The Detective once again caught his breath. “This is where Jaime’s crusade for liquor saved the day: If Zosia wasn’t in the Bedroom, where was she? The answer is also simple- the only room nobody else had entered: the Balcony! She told Sam H she was going to talk to her fiance in the Bedroom. She walked by the Bedroom, saw that nobody was in it, and figured it would make for a good alibi. Then she went to the Balcony, changed out of her high heels into her crossfit shoes- she came directly from a crossfit session with Sam H- and put on his gloves, which she took unbeknownst to him on the car ride over. She then waited for Jaime to enter the Conservatory, unaware that he had already checked out the Bedroom, where he began vaping, and made her way down the hallway. The only other people upstairs were Andrew, who was in the Study, Sam H, who was in the Billiard Room waiting for Zosia, and Sam G, who was crying in the bathroom and unable to hear anything. Sam G’s cries of pain actually drowned out the noise of Zosia breaking down the door. She then stabbed Andrew using her right, and dominant hand. While he lay dead, Zosia realized that Sam H is left-handed and decided to switch hands and stab the victim using her left-hand, thereby framing Sam H even further. She then returned to the Balcony, changed back into her high heels, planted Sam’s gloves on top of the Balcony, and dumped her crossfit shoes somewhere. Seeing as that she did not have a ton of time to hide them, I took the liberty of checking the bushes in the side yard under the Balcony and stumbled upon two size 7 crossfit shoes lying beneath one of the bushes. She knew Sam H was already wearing his so it was just another mark against him, and she used his gloves to do the deed. She then returned to the Study with the rest of the group, perspiring from the exertion of energy and unbearable heat stemming from outside.”

“I am never going to crossfit with Zosia again,” Sam H said to himself.


“And why would I kill Andrew?” Zosia asked the Detective.


“Because he was constantly requesting Friday morning test launch approval from the TLC. As his former manager, he would rely on you to grant this approval. Instead of being able to leisurely enjoy your Friday morning, you had to frantically approve a test plan you had never seen before. This meeting yesterday was the last straw. Even when you weren’t his manager, he kept sucking you back in. You saw that the emergency meeting was scheduled because of a test Andrew had submitted for launch approval and you snapped. You saw Sam H shaving his beard at the table with his knife and the plan formulated in your head. You were already invited to the party on Saturday, and you had the murder weapon, physical evidence, and scapegoat staring you straight in the face. And it all might have worked if Jaime hadn’t been hounding for booze.”

“Fine you got me, I did it. And I’d do it again if it means I never have to attend another Friday morning TLC meeting,” Zosia admitted. “I won’t have to approve Friday test launches in prison, will I?”.


“No, where you’re going, test launches will be the least of your worries.”


And with that, Detective Fransblow slapped the cuffs on Zosia and the two Canadians proceeded to the patrol car.


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